Quincy Police Detective Adam Gibson and Citizen Mike Predmore were the winners of The Quincy Exchange Club's 50th Annual Law Officer of the Year and Citizen of the Year Awards. Both were recipients of their awards at a luncheon that was held today before an overflow crowd at the Elk’s Club in Quincy.  Co-Chairmen Adams County Sheriff Brian Vonderhaar and Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley were the co-masters of ceremonies.  Chief Copley named the previous 49 winners with several in attendance.  He also recognized the previous Citizens of the Year Award winners.

Sheriff Vonderhaar introduced and presented this year’s Law Officer of the Year Award to Detective Gibson.  Gibson is an eighteen year veteran of the Quincy Police Department.  During his tenure on the department, Detective Gibson has been a Patrol Officer, an Inspector with the West Central Illinois (Drug) Task Force, a K-9 Officer with the Street Crimes Unit, and a member of the Quincy Police Emergency Response Team.  He is currently a Detective assigned to the position of Elder Service Officer.

It was Detective Gibson who responded as the On-Call Detective to a call of a shooting of 12 year old Ray Humphrey Jr. This was the first of eventually four homicides that Detective Gibson would be working on.

While working on the previously mentioned homicide cases, Detective Gibson also continued to work on the case involving Curtis Lovelace and the death of his Lovelace's wife, Cory, that occurred in 2006.  That case is due to go back to trial again later this spring.

Sheriff Vonderhaar mentioned that Detective Gibson is extremely dedicated to this profession, to the Quincy Police Department, to his position as a Detective, and just importantly he is dedicated to the individual cases he is assigned to.

This year’s Quincy Exchange Club’s Citizen of the Year Award was presented by Jenny Hayden, filling in for Mayor Kyle Moore, to Predmore.  Predmore attended the Quincy Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy in the fall of 1998 and is a member of the Quincy Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association.

In addition to attending the Citizen Police Academy, Mike also attended the Citizen Fire Academy. Mike joined the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers in June 1999.  He was selected as Board Member of the Year in 2004.  He served as secretary/treasurer for many years and remains on the executive board today.

Mike has never missed a monthly Crime Stoppers board meeting since he joined the organization almost 17 years ago. Mike has also served on the board of the Illinois State Crime Stoppers Association.


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