Yet another Lana Del Rey song has leaked (get a tighter lid on those things, girl!). On 'Hit and Run,' the puffy-pouted chanteuse croons a narrative about what it takes to make it in show business.

The song begins with a Neptunes-style beat so futuristic and sparse that it almost just sounds like someone playing 'Pong.' The instrumentation picks up as the song goes on, with an almost tropical, tribal vibe -- then closes out on the 'Pong' notes.

With her lyrics, Del Rey paints a picture of a powerful exec who uses the same hopeful starlets who try using him. "Hail the king of the industry players / Take off your business suit," Del Rey sings, "Sitting on your lap for my interview." This may be one of the first pop songs by a woman that's dedicated to the infamous casting couch phenomenon.

The song doesn't appear on 'Born to Die,' nor on its upcoming, expanded 'Born to Die: The Paradise Edition,' but that doesn't mean fans won't drool over it. LDR has an enormous catalog, and some of her "throwaway" tracks are her best!

Listen to Lana Del Rey, 'Hit and Run'

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