It was another volatile day in world events that may or may not have led to some strange plane activity over both Missouri and Illinois on Wednesday. Flight patterns show that a US Air Force 'doomsday plane' turned its transponder off over Missouri then proceeded to zig zag all over parts of Illinois.

Good catch today by YouTuber NY Prepper who noticed that one of the US military's E-4B Nightwatch 'doomsday planes' (code name GORD01). The graphic from Flight Radar 24 shows that it took off from Offutt Air Force Base in southeastern Nebraska then headed over Missouri where the dotted line means it went silent (as in transponder off) and then flew a strange pattern over Illinois.

NY Prepper via YouTube
NY Prepper via YouTube

Considering the fact there was an assassination attempt on the Slovakian Prime Minister today, it's not unexpected that the United States would get the 'doomsday plane' fleet up in the air so command and control in the air is available if needed.

Another interesting twist is there are reports that the United States is prepping to replace the aging doomsday planes soon with new tech.

While this plane activity over Missouri and Illinois is unusual, it's also not unexpected. I still don't understand why these planes have recently all been turning their transponders off over Missouri. No idea why that would be necessary. Are we in Missouri that dangerous?

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