It's probably just saber-rattling, but threats of nuclear attack from Vladimir Putin are still being taken seriously. Thanks to new intel, we have a pretty good idea of what American places he would target first and a map shows Missouri would be near the top of his hit list.

A few months ago, Putin directly threatened 14 American targets with a nuclear attack and 1 of those was in Missouri. Now, Newsweek has shared a new map pinpointing exactly where those targets are and which would likely be inside the crosshairs of a first strike. The red dots on the map would be the primaries.

Infographic, Newsweek/Flourish
Infographic, Newsweek/Flourish

It's not surprising that Whiteman Air Force Base would be a big concern for Putin since it houses many of the stealth bombers that would almost immediately be put into action in the event of a Russian attack.

It's because of threats like this that there seems to have been an increase of doomsday plane activity over Missouri specifically designed to assure there is always command and control of American forces should Putin follow through with his nuclear threats.

Is it just posturing by Putin as he continues to deal with conflict in Ukraine? Likely, but with war also possible between Russia and the West in the Middle East, the United States military is leaving nothing to chance. That's one reason why FEMA has official guidelines on how to respond to a nuclear detonation. You just hope that none of us ever really needs it.

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