Do you believe that Farmer's Almanac is an accurate way to predict weather still in 2024? If you do, you might want to tie down all loose objects as they're warning that in 9 days big tornadoes will hit Missouri.

This is what I get for looking at the long-range forecast from Farmer's Almanac. Here's what they say about the week of June 24 through June 27:

"Severe weather threat: locally severe thunderstorms, capable of hail, damaging winds, tornadoes over MO"

This immediately made me ask the question "how the heck does Farmer's Almanac" come up with these predictions? They answered that question in detail, but I'll summarize it with this. They pay attention to cycles of the moon. 

Here's my favorite Farmer's Almanac quote about their predictions and the moon:

"The Moon acts as a “meteorological swizzle stick,” occasionally stirring up atmospheric disturbances with its cyclical and predictable movements"

Let me just say that any weather forecasting with a swizzle stick is entertaining.

Let's not laugh at their prediction for Missouri too quickly though. My wife, the meteorologist (and smart one in our relationship by a long shot) sent me this computer model from Pivotal Weather which shows there really does appear to be some potential for severe storm activity on June 24 over Missouri. Yikes.

Pivotal Weather
Pivotal Weather

Does this definitively mean we should expect big tornadoes in Missouri on June 24 through the 27th? Not necessarily, but I guarantee I'll be watching weather (and the moon) as we get closer. What seemed like a wild prediction of cyclonic storms over Missouri bears watching.

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