If your day isn't already strange, I share this for your consideration. It's video of a herd of deer who for some reason are licking a cat. Strangely, I think I know why.

There are no details shared on exactly where this happened. That's a shame because I was hoping I could prove this happened in our backyard. However, it's impossible for me to find a video of deer licking a cat and not share it with you. Here goes.

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Now onto the question of why. One comment on YouTube seems to have a viable theory why we've witnessed this cat-licking deer herd.

Aubrey - "Cat dander is especially salty. Don't ask me how. That's why they love this. It's a natural salt lick for deer. My 3 cats love their deer herd that come through our yard each early morning."

That led me to an enthralling search to determine if Aubrey is correct. Cat World infers she just might be. They state that cat dandruff is more prevalent in cats with dark coats like the one the deer are...licking. (*ahem*)

When the day started, I didn't predict it would end with deer licking cat dandruff. I was very wrong.

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