We are in the midst of what is turning out to be a heated Mayoral election with both sides slamming each other as we head on down the stretch toward an April 4th election. To Mayor Kyle Moore and Candidate Jeff VanCamp, may I suggest you both use the remaining time to discuss the issues and how you will be handling them if you remain Mayor or become the new mayor of the City of Quincy.

One such issue is the city’s infrastructure.  Every day there are sewer issues, with antiquated pipe lines, needing to be fixed. What are you gentleman going to do to correct this problem?

As you listen to me in your car this morning, think about how many times your vehicle is traveling over a pot hole or rut in the road doing damage to your vehicle each time. I bet you have hit several in a very short period of distance. What are you gentlemen going to do about that?

Property taxes are always a concern for voters. Mr. Moore and Mr. VanCamp, how will you try to keep taxes down in the years ahead?

These are the things the average voter wants to hear from you in the short time between now and the election, not a constant barrage of negativity directed at each other. Tell us what you are going to do and not how much you dislike each other.  It’s time for a new type of campaigning.

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