Perhaps we all need to take a direct hit by a hurricane. Why would I say something as stupid as that? Well, the horrific pictures are telling the story in Texas and Louisiana.

Hurricane Harvey has left its mark and in its way are thousands of displaced people with no place to go. There homes have been destroyed and their lives uprooted.

As you watched the heroic efforts of people rescuing people did you really see what was happening?  Oh you saw people getting help in their time of need, but did you actually witness what was happening?

There were black people helping white people and there were white people helping black people. There were Hispanics assisting the elderly and young people helping Hispanics. There were Democrats aiding Republicans and Hilary fans helping Trump fans.  All this with absolutely no thought to race, color or political affiliation.

It was people helping people in a time of crisis proving that we can all get along, even if it took a natural disaster to make it happen.  So why not make it happen with sunny skies and dry ground under our feet. You can’t say it’ll never happen. We just saw it!

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