It's just a fact that far too many of us spend entirely too much time on our phones. It's a problem for parents and teens alike.  Our family used to sit down for regular game nights.  I realized that it hadn't happened for a while. Since everyone is so into their phones, I sent the following text:

"Mandatory family fun!  Meeting at 5:00 at the kitchen table for game night and junk food, followed by a movie at 7:30.  Attendance is required.  Positive attitudes only!"

I expected to endure some grumbling, but I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was down for it.  Each person got to choose a menu item.  We had a buffet of toasted ravioli, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, 7-cheese pizza, hot wings, popcorn and ice cream.

Don't judge.  That's the bribe it took to gather the troops. The excessive calories and sedentary activity were absolutely worth the time spent as a family.  Bring back game night!

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