Quincy has its ghost stories, and I love hearing them, but this video posted just a few days ago proves there are ghost in Quincy (in my opinion anyway).

I love a good ghost story, who doesn't? I've taken cemetery tours, ghosts tours, and I am obsessed with Ghost Adventures on A&E, but this video posted a few days ago is creepy and awesome all at once.

The Eagle's Nest Hotel located at 300 South 3rd, in Quincy, just has that eerie ghost type feeling, and now there is proof. This surveillance video, posted a few days ago, shows a dark shadow figure moving in and out of the hallway pretty fast. Take a look...

About 17 seconds into the video, you see a dark figure pop in and out of a room very fast. I don't know about you, but that sure looks like a ghost to me, and it gave me goosebumps. Hard to dispute that the figure is not a ghost. Unless it’s The Flash then, and only then, would I believe it wasn’t a figure

Now I want to learn more, has there been a person reported that passed in the hotel? What was there before the hotel was built? What is the history of the land? I really have to stop watching Ghost Adventures.


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