I like you have heard the words COVID-19 and Coronavirus 3 million times or so in the last several weeks. Everywhere we turn we hear or see the word Coronavirus or the word COVID-19. On Saturday a friend called me and asked what the difference was between Coronavirus and COVID-19?

So here we are weeks into the lock down of our livelihoods. Do you know the difference between the two names?  I thought I did, but I was wrong. I told him they were the same, but the medical profession refers to it as COVID-19. WRONG!!!

So here is your and my correct answer if anyone should ask you or me again,

COVID-19 is the name of the disease caused by the new coronavirus that is called SARS-CoV-2, or sometimes just “novel coronavirus”. In COVID-19, 'CO' stands for 'corona,' 'VI' for 'virus,' and 'D' for disease. Formerly, this disease was referred to as “2019 novel coronavirus” or “2019-nCoV”. So now you know where the 19 came from (the year it was discovered)

Meanwhile, Coronavirus is any of a group of RNA (ribonucleic acid) viruses that cause a variety of diseases in humans and other animals.

I think if anyone else should ask me, I will just tell them what is underlined above.

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