If you are fortunate enough to get to peek inside of a certain barn in Marengo, Illinois, you'll notice there's a big project underway. A guy has spent years working on restoring a World War 2-era B-17 Bomber inside.

This is a restoration of a real B-17E Bomber known as the Desert Rat. It's something you really need to see to believe.

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There's another twist to this story. This is a project you can be a part of if you're able and willing. There's an official B-17E Desert Rat Restoration Project Facebook page that's documenting the project and the process. Word is they're accepting volunteers and donations to keep the project going.

Aero Vintage Books shows that this plane was originally delivered to the US Air Force by Boeing on April 14, 1942. Wikipedia shows that there were over 4,500 in action worldwide during World War 2.

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In its heyday, the B-17 Flying Fortress was devastating to enemy forces.

This restoration project in a Marengo, Illinois barn is fascinating. The goal is to get this massive beast of a plane back to factory condition. Make sure you follow the official project Facebook page for updates and new information. It should be quite a site to see once it's finally complete.

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