I was at the Humane Society's "Fur Ball" Saturday night and had a wonderful time. People were dressed in cocktail attire and there were quite a few good looking ladies at the event. It got me to thinking about who might be the best looking woman I have ever seen in my lifetime?  

My goodness, the list could go on and on! I would find it difficult to select just one so my top five would be Catherine Zeta Jones (what are you doing with Michael Douglas?), Jennifer Aniston (here I am Jen?), Faith Hill ( Tim McGraw? Faith Dorsey sounds better than Faith McGraw), Valerie Bertinelli (you had no business being with Eddie Van Halen), and Fox News reporter, Shannon Bream (should be doing the morning show with me, no offense D.O.)

OK, there are my five most gorgeous women. If I had to choose one it would be my long time crush, Valerie Bertinelli.  I have had a crush on her from the first time I saw her. Lets just say if she showed up on my front step I would definitely let her in.The other four would also be invited in, as well.

OK, there is my number one choice. I will leave the men's list up to the ladies to decide.         So guys, who would be your choice? Ladies let me hear from you, too (excluding spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends)! Lets have some fun with this!