Man, there's nothing like just going to a restaurant and getting a juicy hamburger (cause ya know cheese is gross). 200 of the biggest cities have been ranked from best to worst on which city has the best burger and an Illinois city is in the top 5.

Lawn Love had a hard job eating their way through this list I am sure, but somehow was able to ranked all 200 cities for burger fans. Chicago ranks number 4 on the list of behind the best, and comes in behind number 3 Pasadena, number 2 San Francisco, and number 1 Washington, D.C. The website ranked the cities based on abundance of highly rated establishments that serve burgers, including Michelin-starred restaurants.

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What really surprised me was Washington being number 1, you don't hear a lot of good things coming from the area so I guess it’s nice to see them on a "good" list. I never would have thought that the city for burger fans would be Washington, guess there's a first time for everything.

Also making the list close to us:

  • Springfield, Missouri #16
  • Louis, Missouri #57
  • Kansas City, Missouri #67
  • Naperville, Illinois #118
  • Rockford, Illinois #170
  • Joliet, Illinois #177
  • Aurora, Illinois #180

See the full list here and if you're traveling to any of these cities looking for somewhere and something to eat, you might want to try a burger. They really need to have Quincy and Hannibal on this list I can name a few restaurants that have some of the best burgers around.

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