There is a group of people in the Show-Me State of Missouri who are making the push for the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2022, and if you are in support of their efforts the time to help is now.

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According to an article from, there is now an official signature campaign to get recreational marijuana legalized in Missouri in the upcoming year. Marijuana is already legal for medical use in Missouri but this new citizen's ballot aims to take it a step further, in the article they say...

"In November 2018, Missourians approved medical marijuana with a 66% margin, the most popular issue on the ballot...Legal MO 2022 is the first statewide coalition trying to legalize adult-use cannabis. It needs 170,000 signatures in six of Missouri's eight congressional districts. The deadline to do this is May 8, 2022."

May 8, 2022, is the deadline to hit that signature goal for it to end up on the ballot for voters in November 2022.

If the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the state of Missouri is something you are very passionate about then you should check out the website for Legal Missouri 2022, where you can find out more about signing your name and even volunteering, CLICK HERE.

Recreational marijuana legalization is really spreading across the country with more and more states legalizing it, and a state like Illinois is benefitting from people in surrounding states like Missouri crossing into its borders just to buy weed. I am sure that is something that the Missouri leaders will look at, if your citizens are spending a ton of money in another state just to buy marijuana, why not just have them spend it here?

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