I was always taught that a quarter is worth 25 cents. That apparently is not always correct. I'll give you an example. If you find a certain quarter in Missouri, it's actually worth 500 bucks. I'll explain.

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I found this interesting video on YouTube. It's a short explanation of a certain 1964 quarter. There were a handful that did not come from the Denver Mint. He provided some key ways you can tell.

He said that most quarters have a small "D" above the "quarter dollar" print on the back of the coin.

TheCoinGuy6757 via YouTube
TheCoinGuy6757 via YouTube

One other thing to look for is an extra space between the "E" and "S" in the word "States". It's something unique to a specific quarter created in Philadelphia as opposed to Denver.

Even a regular 1964 quarter is worth way more than 25 cents these days. JM Bullion rates the value at around $7 or $8 depending on the condition of the quarter.

I used to collect coins as a kid, but gave it up because I got bored. Boy, do I wish I could go back in time and undo that decision. Do you have a DeLorean that we could get up to 88 mph? Asking for a friend.

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