Her name is Evie Branan and she went to a concert. But not just any concert. Evie is a spunky 79-year-old who six years ago suffered a massive stroke. She went from living a healthy, independent life to be coming a resident of Flint Township's Willowbrook Manor in the long-care unit. She could not speak, move or eat on her own and staff members were doing everything for her. Five years in a coma. Then one day she came out of that coma. And the first words she spoke were "I want to go to a Bob Seger Concert.""

Say what? She is a big Bob Seger fan

Very strange. But get this, that is where she went. To a Bob Seger concert in Auburn Hills, Michigan. She got her tickets and even got an invitation to go back stage after the  show. This story is amazing and one the 79-year-old will never forget. Keep rockin' Evie.

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