When I first arrived in Quincy there were several great nightspots to go to. I’d meet some friends at Lilly’s Bar in the Holiday Inn or at The Forum on a Saturday night and then we would make our way over to Puzzles Bar or The Catacombs. One place I spent little time at was The Barn in Quincy. It closed shortly after I came to Quincy in 1978. I remember going to The Barn one time and ordering fried chicken which came in a brown paper bag.  If I remember right, it was located near 36th and State Street although a friend of mine said it was located at 36th and Maine.

I have always heard it was a “hot spot” in Quincy for years, but I know very little about the place. What happened to The Barn?  Who owned it? Why did it close?  I heard there were some great bands that played there too.

Anyone remember it?

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