Somehow, Hugh Jackman is 50. He doesn’t look 50, but he is. Maybe he really is Wolverine? A healing factor could be the reason for his incredibly good skin and muscle tone. Or perhaps all those years of not eating pizza in order to maintain a superhero physique have kept him young? Is it possible pizza is extremely toxic and contributes to the aging process? That would explain why Hugh Jackman is more than a decade older than me and looks five years younger than me. I eat a lot of pizza.

Anyway, happy birthday to everyone’s favorite Wolverine. And we love how he celebrated — by sharing a video on Twitter of him doing Sally O’Malley, Molly Shannon’s classic Saturday Night Live character who was 50 and proud.

If you are not 50 and do not remember Sally O’Malley, here’s a clip from one of her SNL sketches. They were all variations on this, with Shannon kicking and stretching (and kicking) while bystanders looked on warily.

If you need to feel a little better about the fact that Hugh Jackman is 50 and looks better than you (and by “you,” I mean “me”), here’s a slightly-less-flattering picture he put on Twitter yesterday.

Uh, I like the self-deprecating humor, Hugh. But even asleep you don’t look 50. You barely look 40! Look at the bulging veins on his arm! How does he stay flexed while sleeping? (Seriously, he really might actually be Wolverine.) Dude looks like he’s got a painting of himself in an attic somewhere. Happy birthday, Highlander Hugh Jackman! We love your work and despite your impossibly smooth features!

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