New information has just been revealed concerning the length of time car owners keep their vehicles and it might surprise you. 

According to information from IHS Markit, Americans are keeping their cars longer than ever before. The average age of cars and trucks in the United States hit a record high this year of 11.8 years. So why are we keeping our cars longer?

Obviously cost of new vehicles is a factor, but most people want a trust worthy car that won't break down on them and they now feel that cars and trucks built in the last decade have been built better than in the past.

According to an Associated Press article in a recent edition of the Herald Whig, people are also maintaining them better since they are financing them for a longer period of time than in past years. The statistic also show that the length of ownership is highest in the western United States with people keeping their vehicles for an average of 12.4 years and the northeast United States holding onto their cars and trucks for 10.9 years.

So, how old is your car or truck?

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