We all use it when we shop at Hobby Lobby, I know I have, that 40% off coupon. Well, that's all coming to an end.

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Hobby Lobby announced that they will stop offering the 40% off coupon at the end of February. However, stores may accept the coupon during a two-week grace period, and will be good through March 14, according to TheKrazyCouponLady.

A spokesperson for Hobby Lobby stated,

“By making this decision, we are intensifying our efforts to discount thousands of items every day...This will offer a better value instead of providing a discount on only one item with the coupon.”


So hopefully by April we will see a lot more savings in the craft-store, which for me is now even more dangerous especially around Christmas time. I am always in Hobby Lobby looking for the cute Christmas décor. I'm not the best at crafting so I just by whatever is already done, or buy the materials and have someone else make it for me. I did not get the crafty bug at all, and its not for a lack of trying.

If you are waiting to use the 40% off coupon I would use it as fast as you can, by the end of February it will be off the website and the store app.

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