You will not see this restaurant on the main drag, you have to find the hidden door first.

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Known as the Courthouse Exchange in Independence, Missouri, this restaurant is a hidden gem in the state. The restaurant has been serving the best burgers since 1899 and is a casual atmosphere for both a friend's night out or family night. The restaurant is below street level, but no worries you can access the restaurant from the grand patio in the back. Looking at the menu everything looks so good, it would be hard to choose.

This really is a hidden gem and I think the next time I make my way to Kansas City I am going to head to Independence and try and find the Courthouse Exchange. I really like that name. Not only does the restaurant have a great menu, but it seems it might be a little haunted. Being around since 1899 I would think so. It's haunted so much there is a dedicated Facebook page just for the haunts of the restaurant.

Get some dinner and a ghost hunt in for the night, seems like an ideal night out to me.

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