My friend and I are huge fans of the "Fifty Shades" franchise, and for a year we've been eagerly awaiting the final installment which debuted on Friday. Needless to say, we were pretty excited to attend on opening night...that is, until we got to the movie theater.

We knew that the theater was gonna be packed, so we made sure to get there early to secure good seats. Unfortunately, as the crowd filed in, the seats next to ours became occupied by the drunkest, loudest, and rudest group of people. It was pretty clear that the ladies threw back a few margaritas before the movie. Even worse, they snuck a few tiny bottles of alcohol into the theater as well to add to their soft drinks.

They were constantly talking throughout the movie and made frequent trips to the bathroom (which was to be expected after all those drinks). Pretty much just downright rude through the entire one hour 45 minute running time. Like others, I paid good money to see this movie and wanted to enjoy it. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

Yeah, it was irritating and they should have been more respectful. But what they did next was downright dangerous: They drove home! From my vantage point, they were still pretty sloshed and definitely in no condition to drive. I really hope they got home safe, but that was a bad decision. It's bad enough that you ruined the movie for me and others, but to put other people in danger because of your stupid decision to drink and drive is flat out irresponsible.

Next time you decide to get together with your girlfriends and get drunk, call Lyft or have a DD. If you can't handle that, maybe just stay home.

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