Thank you to everyone who entered into our second "Tri-State's Biggest Giveaway" contest over the past few weeks!

We've narrowed it down from thousands of entries, and ONE  is about to win a $5,000 kitchen makeover from Midwest Paints and Home Center featuring Waypoint Living Spaces! If you're on this list, you should have received an e-mail with instructions regarding the next step. If you DIDN'T receive an e-mail, please contact Sam at so we can get you squared away! And if you see a name you recognize, make sure he/she sees this too! Click HERE for all the contest rules and details.

Adrianne Kewney
Alex Boyd
Allynn Hull
Amanda Wetzel
Amy Longo
Amy Slaugh
Angela Thomas
Anita Brackett
Attan Storck
Betty Dude
Brad Ashley
Brad Deeter
Brad Neiders
Bria Gardner
Brittney Foster
Bryan Vanzile
Came Nickell
Casey Flower
Casey McGee
Char Cearlock
Charles Bryson
Chet Leasman
Cindy Skibinskie
Cindy Stephens
Cody Hadsall
Constance Kennedy
Constance Sommerfield
Crystal Daugherty
Daeshawn Greene
Dale Whitacre
Dalton Rockhold
Dana Golian
Dave Barry
David McConnell
Deanna Koeller
Dena Cannon
Denise Smith
Denise Snyder
Destiny Jones
Diana Weatherford
Diane Campbell
Diane Juette
Dianna Perrine
Dustin Buckaloo
Dylan Brewer
Eileen Fitch
Eric Beaver
Eric Foster
Erica Dedert
Erin Perry
Fabian Velarde
Heather Schreck
Heather Wolfmeyer
Hope Huff
Hunter Freeman
Jackie Young
Jacob Stabler
Jacob Zimmerman
Kelsey Mann
Jakay Hammock
Jamie Franklin
Jamie Hamby
Janae Koenig
Jarod Clark
Jason Gibson
Jay Weidon
Jennifer Weiss
Jessica Carroll
Jill Charlton
Jim Whitfield
John Anderson
Johnathan Manion
Jonathan Strawbe
Julie Geise
Justin Kohl
Justin Poage
Justin Scott
Kathy Hofmann
Kathy Stuckman
Kayla Obert
Kayla Richie
Kayrla Miles
Keirra Kramer
Keith Hoing
Kelli Lambert
Kent Anderson
Keven Smith
Kim Dormire
Kim Obert
Kim Santos
Kim Straube
KJ Cannon
Kreshana Anderson
Kristen Garrett
Krystal DeTennei
Lacey Johnson
Lacey Tipton
Larry Bland
Leeyah Humphrey
Linda Bier
Lisa Kuhn
Lisa Liesen
Liz Shoemaker
Lucas Dimmitt
Lynn Mann
Lynn Parks
Mark McGlauchlen
Martha Ott
Mary Beth St. Clair
Mary Wallace
Matthew Hazelrigg
Megan Stark
Melissa Gilmore
Michael Grubb
Miriam Velard
Nathan Schell
Nick Merer
Nikki Hightower
Pat Trautretter
Patti Hayden
Polly Sprick
Randi Donaldson
Reese Kiel
Rhonda Murry
Rhonda Owens
Riley Venverton
Robert Wallace
Robin Minor
Robin Sharp
Roger Morris
Rose Finley
Rossana Meyer
Sarah Pritchett
Savanna Parsons
Stephanie Factor
Steve Baker
Steve Plunk
Summer Thomas
Susan Baumgartner
Susan Hayes
Susanne Ellerbrock
Tabitha Werneth
Tiana Lewis
Tina Murry
Tiria Humphrey
Todd Witman
Travis Dinkheller
Vickie Miller
Vicky Zanger
Vonnie Tuekee

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