St. Louis University's Research Unit is testing how well flu vaccines work by actually paying volunteers to stay at the University's Salus Center. Those who volunteer will be asked to stay 12 days and will be paid $3,500.  That's the good part. The bad part? They will be given a flu shot and then receive a dose of the flu virus by use of a nasal spray. They will then stay those 12 days to see the effects of the shot to see if people will still come down with a fever, running nose, sneezing and or coughing.

The university actually spent $350-thousand to convert the Salus Center into 24 hotel rooms to quarantine the volunteers. This past flu season was one of the worst so a study like this will go a long way to helping to control the next flu season.

Last year's seasonal flu shot was only 10 to 15 percent effective. In 2017 the State of Missouri reported 279 deaths directly related to flu victims.

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