Do you miss the classic Monopoly playing pieces like the Cowboy on the Horse, the Boot, or the Iron? Here is your chance to vote to bring one back to life, I break down which ones are worth voting for.

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According to, you can influence which classic Monopoly game piece gets brought back to life! Your options to vote are the Wheelbarrow, the Horse and Rider, the Thimble, the Boot, the Money Bag, and of course the Iron. There is a BIG catch to this whole voting process, however... once you choose which game piece you want to bring back, you must choose one current piece to get rid of! Those options to get rid of are the Scottie dog, Hazel the cat, Battleship, the Penguin, the Racecar, the Top Hat, the Rubber Ducky, and the T-Rex. You can VOTE by clicking here!

Here is my two sense... The only tokens worth bringing back are the Horse & Rider, and the Money Bag, those are two classic pieces that never deserved to be canceled in the first place. The boot is gross looking, no kids know what a thimble is anymore, the iron is wayyyy outdated, and who cares about the wheelbarrow? So choose the Horse & Rider or the Moneybag (the moneybag is what I actually voted for).

Now the hard part... which current game piece do you vote to get rid of... The dog, cat, racecar, battleship, and tophat are nonstarters with me, they all HAVE to stay, but the penguin, rubber ducky, and T-Rex are newer pieces that have never felt quite right in the game. I voted for the T-Rex. Why? Simple, the T-Rex just doesn't fit the Monopoly vibe, I would much rather have the Moneybag back in the game and say goodbye to the T-Rex.

Which piece do you want back, and which piece would you get rid of?

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