I guess you could say some internships are a little better than others. For some, this internship would probably worth doing without pay but the bonus is you can get close to $1,000 per month.

Here's what we know:

In a lifehacker.com story, Emjay is a cannabis delivery service, and they're looking to hire their next intern to make reviews on their website. The subject you'll be reporting and reviewing is cannabis, and you'll have a (pardon the pun) hands-on experience with tasting and reviewing the products.

According to a blog post on the website:

This paid 3-month internship is a cannabis aficionado’s dream come true. We are seeking a passionate, detail-oriented creative writer to review every single product on our weed delivery platform, Emjay. This person will be responsible for writing descriptive, unique, and creative copy and reviews about a wide array of cannabis products.

A couple of the pre-requisites are:  You must be 21, and you must live in the Los Angeles or San Diego area. Now this doesn't mean you should drop everything you're doing here locally and make a sudden change of address to Cali, but if you know of someone that does live in that area you might want to enlighten them of the opportunity.

The application for the position is to be made on Indeed.com. According to the blog, "E-commerce, journalism, and marketing are all desirable career paths for this role. Creativity and a passion for cannabis are a must."

So if your residence is in the aforementinoed area, good luck!

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