So what were you doing 5 years ago on July 13?  Most, if not all, of us were picking up debris in Quincy that night. On July 13, 2015 a thunderstorm packing winds estimated in excess of 75 miles per hour rolled through Quincy around 6:20 that Monday evening. Anyone who was here remembers that one. Over 17,000 customers lost power around Quincy.

Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore declared a state of emergency at 7:30 p.m. Dozens of streets in Quincy were blocked by downed tree limbs along with downed power and cable lines and downed or broken utility poles and gas lines. Damage to homes and buildings was common-place throughout the city.  Power was out for several days for some people.

Ironically, the next year on July 13, and just 3 hours shy of the exact hour, the Quincy area was again struck with extremely strong winds and thunderstorms. It was a storm that caused tree limbs to fall, power lines to come down leading to power outages and another round of cleanup operations.

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Both July 13 storms were damaging and few will forget their punch. In case you weren’t here, here's a look back at the storm of 2015.

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