After 300 nominations and nearly 8,000 REAL votes (more on that in a minute), we are proud to announce Quincy/Hannibal’s BEST bartender: Brittany “BB” Boll of Spring Street!


“Thank you to everyone who voted,” she says. “I appreciate this honor of being your Top Tapper. I feel I can't accept this entirely. I'll need to break a piece off for Beyoncé and Regina George for inspiring me to be the best."

Well played.

Tending bar since she was legally able to do so, Brittany joined Rick "Rhode Island" Gosnell's Spring Street crew in 2009 having previously poured at Applebee’s and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Stop by Spring Street on a “Blue Monday” afternoon or “Thirsty Thursday” evening to say hi and try one of Brittany’s signature drinks: a “MFN Margarita In Your Mouth” (i.e. a shot of Jose Cuervo with a side of Mountain Dew). Self-described “Bartender by night and stay-at-home mom by day” also pours at The North End Tavern on Tuesday nights.

“So many different drink recipes mastered and, more importantly, so many relationships and friendships made along the way,” she says.

Spring Street is located at 17th and Spring in Quincy and they're open from 3:00 pm to 1:00 am Monday through Saturday.

Now, about that little elephant in the room: the voter fraud issue. A few of you brought it to my attention that people had figured out a way to vote more than once a day (shame!) Fear not though, as we tracked these votes by IP address as well as a couple other security measures. I assure you, any fraudulent duplicate votes were sent to live on a farm upstate where they can run and play. We admire your persistence and enthusiasm, but unfortunately it was a huge waste of time.

That being said, here are your top 4 in order:

  1. Brittany Boll (Spring Street) – 31 percent
  2. Melony Rosenburg (Uncle Bob’s) – 26 percent
  3. Brittney Berry (Riverside Smokehouse) – 24 percent
  4. April Azotea (La Azotea Lounge) – 19 percent

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