The St. Louis Zoo is up for a holiday national award and here's how you can help them be the best.

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Voting is going on now for the USA Today's 10 Best Zoo Lights Display, and the St. Louis Zoo is up for the honor. Each year, the zoo host Wild Nights, a holiday light display like no other. With themed lights (this year one the of themes is Meet me in St. Louie) and animal light displays throughout the zoo, it's a family event that everyone needs to visit.

There's plenty of time to vote, but don't wait, voting will end on December 6 at noon and the best 10 events will be announced on Friday, December 17. Also up for this year's top 10-holiday events:

  1. Electric Safari at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Colorado Springs
  2. U.S. Bank Wild Lights at the Saint Louis Zoo – St. Louis
  3. ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo – Chicago
  4. Philadelphia Zoo LumiNature – Philadelphia
  5. Holiday Lights at California Living Museum – Bakersfield, California
  6. Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo – Toledo, Ohio
  7. PNC Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo – Cincinnati
  8. Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo – Detroit
  9. Christmas at the Zoo at the Indianapolis Zoo – Indianapolis
  10. Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo – Columbus, Ohio

St. Louis' light display does not start until November 26, so if you've never been is something that I strongly suggest you go see with your own eyes. It's truly amazing. You do have to pay to see the lights and ticket prices range from $10 - $13 per person. The St. Louis Zoo, in my opinion, is the best zoo I've been to, and it deserves to be recognized.

The zoo is not shy away from nationally being recognized as one of the best zoos to visit. It's won best zoo a few years ago, and it looking to make it a winner once again. I wonder if they do a Halloween award, I am sure they would be in the top 10 of that list as well.

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