This week marked the 73rd birthday of Alex Trebek who announced earlier this year that he was going to be leaving as host of the long standing television show 'Jeopardy.' It got me to thinking about who Trebek replaced as the host of the original 'Jeopardy' show. The answer to that is Art Fleming, who left the show back in 1984. Can you name replacements for other people?  Check out the list.

The answers are in order below:

Johnny Carson (Tonight Show in 1992) by ________________________.

Charlie Sheen (Two and A Half Men in season nine) by______________.

Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboy Quarterback in 2000) by_______________.

Pete Best (Beatles Drummer in 1962) by_________________________.

McClean Stevenson (M.A.S.H. Commander in season four) by________.

Jeff Dorsey (99-Q and WTAD announcer in 1999) by_______________.


Jay Leno/ Ashton Kutcher/ Randall Cunningham/ Ringo Starr/ Harry Morgan/ Ed DiMartino

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