Many of Hannibal's visitors enjoy staying overnight at one of the bed and breakfast establishments in the historic downtown area. One of the most popular of these inns is the Victorian Queen Anne mansion, now called the Garden House Bed and Breakfast, on what was once known as Millionaire’s Row. The Garden House has been the focus of several paranormal investigations due to reported activity over the last couple of decades.

Guests are often awakened by the sound of footsteps between the hours of 2 and 3 a.m. Details about one couple’s overnight experiences was documented by Haunted Hannibal.

The scent of men’s cologne is sometimes detected as well. Orbs and odd lights are found in many photographs taken at the Garden House, and images of apparitions have been glimpsed in the upstairs windows.

Several mornings in a row, the innkeeper found silverware scattered all over the dining room table. A photograph taken in the dining room shows the shape of a man’s face …although no man was there when the picture was captured.

In Joan Gilbert’s Missouri Ghosts III, one guest stated that her Siberian Husky was acting strangely… as if he was being tormented by something she was not able to see.

On a snowy winter night in 2007, the assistant innkeeper at the Garden House, Arif Dagin, was awakened a few minutes after midnight by the jarring sound of footsteps downstairs.

Knowing there should not be anyone else in the mansion that night, Arif was a bit reluctant to investigate the source of the footsteps. Staying in his room (with the door locked), he continued to hear someone running around all over on the floor below him. Eventually, he heard the steps coming up the stairs to the floor where his room was located. The entity went into the room located next to his.

Arif felt he had no choice but to find out what was going on in the next room. Grabbing a bottle for protection, he stepped out into the hallway and stood in front of the open door leading into the room.

He quickly reached his hand around and snapped on the overhead light. There was nothing there at all. He explored every corner of the room, but it appeared to be empty.

As Arif fled the room and went back into his own, he heard footsteps running back down the stairs! He turned around and ran out of his room to catch the culprit; and, although no one was on the staircase, he heard the sound of the footsteps cease halfway down the stair steps.

There would be no more sleep for Arif that night. He spent the entire night looking all over the entire mansion, but found no sign of an intruder. The doors leading outside were still locked from the inside as well!

NBC’s Today Show filmed a documentary on the haunted activity in the Garden House Bed and Breakfast in October of 2006. They listed the mansion as one of the top ten places in the U.S. to sleep with a ghost!

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