If you've been at a place where Hannibal's band Stonehill is performing, you can probably tell their wide variety of music was inspired by a wide variety of influences. Among them are The Eagles, Boston and most importantly of all, family.

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Chloe Bright, Jeff Noel and Mark Epperson were kind enough to stop by our studio and share stories of how Stonehilll began and where they're going. The other band member Steve Pacquet was hunting, so he had a great excuse for not being here. Yes, bands like Boston and The Eagles were favorites, but it really started with family.

Chloe Bright - "My love for music came from my mother...she was a piano player in church even before she was 17 years old...she's 84 now...One of the most wonderful things she taught me was how to sing harmony...I've been in various bands. The one before Stonehill was Steppin' Back...just really enjoyed that journey".

Mark Epperson - "I started playing when I was really young...keyboards. My grandmother also was a piano player in her little country church... I was one of the few grandchildren of many she would allow me to touch her piano because she knew I had some talent...bought my first keyboard as a teenage and started playing rock."

Jeff Noel - "I started becoming a musician when I was very young. I was that punk kid that always wanted to play records and pretend to be a rock star in my bedroom...acting like I'm having my own concert. I was that weird kid. I started when I was living in Illinois back when I was about college age. Had some friends...had the same idea. Started a band there. Years later moved to Hannibal, Missouri and with some other guys who were into heavier music than what we play now. Bands such as All is Forgotten and later Avenge the Fallen."

How did all of them decide they would become Stonehill?

Chloe Bright - "When I got this idea in my head when I thought where the market was going for music...Jeff was an individual I had met a few months before...I spotted him out at a Music Under the Stars night...I kind of explained to him my thoughts...Jeff was the one who came up with that name (Stonehill)".

Jeff initially shot down Chloe's idea because he was already involved with other bands, but eventually he came around to her way of thinking.

When it comes down to influences, Jeff mentioned that The Eagles were definitely a band who's music they enjoy playing. Mark was drawn by Boston's incredible keyboards and harmonies.

Photo courtesy of Stonehill, Facebook
Photo courtesy of Stonehill, Facebook

Stonehill specializes in playing places that are not equipped to handle bigger bands with a lot of equipment or venues where the host doesn't want the band overpowering the patrons. Stonehill tries to involve the audience at every opportunity. They always want to be an affordable act that makes contact with the audience.

If you'd like to reach out to Stonehill, the best way to do that is their official Facebook page. Definitely search them out and you may be the next audience member they involve in their shows.

Be sure to listen to our entire fun conversation through the Doc on Demand podcast page.

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