One of the Hannibal buildings with the most colorful history is now the most expensive Airbnb in town. Back in 1868, it began as a tavern with a unique group of workers upstairs.

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UPDATE: Barb Crane has clarified that rooms can be reserved individually. You can find more info here which explains better than Airbnb.

ORIGINAL STORY: This is the Travelers Rooming House. According to Airbnb, this the most expensive Airbnb in Hannibal, but boy is it loaded with unique features. It's extremely highly-rated by guests with many talking about how friendly the host is and the convenient downtown location. Here are some pics.

Hannibal's Most Expensive Airbnb Used to Be an 1868 Brothel

Every room has a name and a theme. You won't find any place quite like it. Here's the history that host Barb shared in the listing telling the story of what the building used to be:

This 3 story historical building was built in 1868 as a rooming house. At one time it was the infamous Alibi Tavern with "Working Girls' upstairs. The top two floors have been completely renovated, keeping the integrity and history of the building but adding unique character. Six rooms with six full bathrooms are each a work of art and tell their own story. With just as much history as the local museums this is not just a place to stay but an experience

In defense of the "working girls", it wasn't easy being a lady in 1868.

As of this writing, the cost is $920 per night. I would imagine if you were having a wedding party coming to town, this would be a great option to provide them with a destination with tons of personality. Lots of possibilities here.

Make sure to check the Airbnb listing for the Travelers Rooming House for updates, many more pics and details.

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