Many start their life expecting life to be full of issues that are as distinct as black and white. However, you eventually learn that most life decisions end up being a complicated series of shades of grey. Paul from Hannibal's Greylight Divide explains how their music explores these subtle differences between right and wrong.

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Paul Dewey from Greylight Divide was kind enough to come by the radio station and share his musical journey and how Greylight Divide was born and where the band is going.

Here's the lineup for Greylight Divide:

Paul Dewey - Lead Vocals
Ben Beilsmith - Guitar/Vocals
Kaleb Fenton - Drums
Cody Buch - Bass
Jacob Young - Guitar

Paul explained how his passion for music began.

Paul Dewey - "Obviously have been around music for a long time with my dad being in radio for essentially as long as I've been alive...which is 40 years at this point...have been singing in the car as long as I can remember...Friends started bands and I'm like "hey any chance I can get up there and sing with you?".

When it comes to inspiration, there were two vocalists and writers that really convinced Paul that this was how he wanted to creatively tell his story.

Paul Dewey - "It's probably a combination of the two that are the biggest influence for me which are The Smashing Pumpkins and Staind. I really loved the way that Aaron Lewis wrote lyrics that really touched to me...I think I could tell my story in a similar fashion that he does. Same way with Billy from The Smashing Pumpkins."

Speaking about Greylight Divide, Paul shared how challenging it is for a new band to try and break through and find success in 2022 and advice he'd give anyone thinking of trying something like this.

Paul Dewey - "Above everything else, don't hate it. It's easy to fall into the trap of monotony or just not being happy with what you're doing...have fun with the process. My goal is to just let people hear it. It's no point as an artist to create something if it's just gonna be kept to yourself...It's super easy to get the music out there in terms of streaming services, click a button, pay $20 can hear that everywhere. Getting to the right audience that you're looking for becomes tricky. It's very social media driven.

What's the endgame for Greylight Divide? Paul said the band is under no delusion about what's realistic, but also open to something breaking big.

Paul Dewey - "Our goal is just wherever this takes us at this point. Nobody has any delusions that we're gonna become rock stars and tour the country. If that happens, awesome."

The band's journey has already brought them in contact with some of the bands they admire like Sevendust, Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin. The future is open and it will be exciting to see what Greylight Divide achieves. You can follow their journey and also reach out to Paul directly through the bands official Facebook page and Spotify.

Be sure to check out my full interview with Paul Dewey on the Doc on Demand podcast through the Eagle app.

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