Few people would disagree that the new reclining, spacious, heated (!) seats at Hannibal's B & B Theatres are a welcome addition to your movie viewing experience.  There's some debate though whether the addition of a lounge and a full complement of liquor belongs at the movies.

I seldom go to the theater, but my husband took me on a rare date a couple weeks back.  Lo and behold, the section that used to be the popcorn buttering station is now a little bar area fully stocked with most any alcohol you'd like to sip before, during and after a show.

We were taking in The Joker.  That was a seriously disturbing movie.  A gin and tonic or some whiskey might have made the show go down a little more smoothly.  We didn't order any drinks.  In fact, I didn't see anyone with a drink that night.  But it brings up the.  Do movies and mixed drinks mix?  Take our poll and let us know what you think.  P.S.  The heated recliners were absolutely the bomb!


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