He had a smile as big as the Mississippi. He had a heart as large as California and he would do anything to help others whenever he could. But, what my good friend Dave Comer couldn’t do was win his battle with cancer. Dave lost the battle one week ago when he finally wore out at the age of 69. If you knew “Chickenman”, as he loved being called, you knew he would do anything for you.  Dave had a passion for people, animals, radio and baseball. He would join Dennis Oliver and me on the Y101 Radio Show and we would all laugh about things and talk a lot of baseball during the time we spent together.

For me it was always a fun time and I am sure Dennis would say the same.  For Dave those few hours were therapeutic as it would take his mind off of dealing with cancer. Dennis and I didn’t realize that at first, but once we did we kept reminding him that he was always welcomed to join us.

The day he came in to announce his cancer was in remission, we all teared up a little as he announced it to our audience. We were so happy for him as he sent his life into “extra-innings” to use a baseball analogy.

The day D.O. left the morning show Dave was so supportive of him and all of us, including me, in airing a very emotional “final” show.  He cried like many of us did that morning knowing the fight Dennis had in front of him. Dave and the staff knew at that time that Dennis had Alzheimer’s disease, something D.O. revealed to the Y101 audience months later.

A few weeks later Dave asked if he could still join me along with Sarah Deien from time to time. I looked at him and said “you better!”  He did just that. Then came the morning a few weeks ago when he stopped in to join us and Sarah asked him on the air how he was doing?  He paused, looked at me and with his eyes filling up with water, announced to our audience that his cancer had returned.

I could see the concern on his face as he said he would fight it again like he did the last time. I remember telling him, “Listen, you beat it before and you will beat it again”. Those words came from my heart knowing my gut-feeling was he might not win this battle this time. Dave’s answer was, “I’m gonna give it all I got”. Those were the last words Dave “Chickenman” Comer said on the radio. How prophetic those words were. Dave always gave it all he had.

I will miss our talks, our laughter, our concerns for our mutual friend’s health issues and radio visits. But most of all, I will miss our friendship!

Rest in peace, Dave “Chickenman” Comer.



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