An end of an era came Sunday night in Quincy with the closing of the doors at Quincy's K-Mart store. Yet, it was another long term retail facility succumbing to online shopping engulfing America these days.

I stopped by the store Sunday at closing time and took the picture you see above. It was dark, the parking lot was empty, the inside lights were on and there it was a bright and bold looking "Big K-Mart" sign illuminated for all to see. Bright and bold on the outside and sadly beaten and empty on the inside.

Through the window one could see the empty shelves and counters made that way by the weeks-long liquidation of their product. It is just a reminder of another retail giant knocked down to her knees by people who want convenience shopping.

As I sat in my car, I couldn't help but wonder about the people who worked there and their futures. I also couldn't help but think who is next?  Where is this all going?  Are we looking at nothing but empty store fronts blighting our city? Our once vibrant shopping city is being reduced, slowly but surely, to nothing but delivery vehicles on our streets and not shoppers.

The memory-making days of going shopping with Mom and Grandma are coming to an end. Enjoy the opportunity that still remains now because in the near future watching Mom and Grandma open delivered boxes will be your future memory-makers. I can hear it already, "I sure miss going shopping!"

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