Well, this is embarrassing. I understand this is a necessary message, but it's more than a bit awkward that the CDC is making this a summer theme as a warning for anyone who's about to jump into their Missouri swimming pool. You might want to read this first and then cringe like I did.

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There are a lot of things you can do to make sure your summer swimming experience is a safe and healthy one. You obviously want to make sure you've got the water properly treated with chlorine and the recommended chemicals, etc.

You also want to do the obvious things like making sure the pool has the necessary safety guards to insure that a young child doesn't get in the water unsupervised. Is that what the CDC is warning about? NOPE.

So what is the official CDC Summer Swimming theme?

I'm gonna share a screenshot so no one thinks I'm making this up. This is from the official CDC website. I present to you the 2023 fun swimming theme from the feds...(*Drum Roll*)


That's right, kids. Got Diarrhea? Don't Swim! says those in charge of making sure we abide by their health wishes. There are even some fun videos. Behold.

I'm just gonna leave that right here. If you've got "issues down below", stay out of the pool. Thanks, CDC. You have a special way of encouraging summer fun. 

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