The Quincy Gems are hosting the Military All-Star Traveling baseball team tonight in an exhibition game at Q.U. Stadium.  Dennis Oliver and I have been asked along with others to play for the Military Team and we will be honored to do so.

The ceremony to honor all military personnel and first responders in the area will begin at 6pm which will include skydivers landing on the field and the Air-Evac helicopter will also be landing on the field.  Once the ceremony concludes, the game will begin.  What roles Mr. Oliver and I play are unknown at this time. In anticipation of a possible first plate appearance for me in almost 30 years, I have been visiting the batting cage and am ready to “go deep” if I get the right pitch. It’s easier that way…no running needed and I will “milk it” around the bases if it happens. If I end up with a “K” (strikeout) it will be a brisk walk back to the dugout.  In any case, I am looking forward to the night and I hope you won’t let the hot weather keep you from attending.  Remember, the proceeds from the game go to the Wounded Warrior Campaign and many of the guys/gals on the Military team risked their lives in 130 degree heat in Afghanistan and Iraq. So 100 won’t be that bad. Hope to see you tonight. Get there early and witness a great pre-game ceremony at 6pm and stay for the fireworks afterwards.


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