I feel like I should be listening to Don Henley's recording of "The Boys of Summer" as I write about the last chance to see the Quincy Gems and the Hannibal Hoots.  Where has the summer gone? The final home game of the regular season for the Quincy Gems is tonight as they host their rivals in the Hannibal Hoots. Game time tonight is 6:35. Meanwhile, the last chance to see the Hannibal Hoots is Friday night when they host the Springfield Sliders at Clemens Field.  Friday's game begins at 6:35 in Hannibal.

The Hannibal Hoots return to the Prospect League has been great for both teams. It re-established a great rivalry and it limited the amount of lengthy road trips for both teams. To have this kind of caliber of baseball in both cities is good for everyone. The fans in Hannibal got their team back, albeit with a different name, and the fans in Quincy got their rivalry returned as well.

It is also a great way to establish long-standing memories with family outings to the games at a very economical price.  So, if you haven't been to a game this season tonight is your last chance in Quincy and tomorrow is your last chance in Hannibal. Go make a memory and support the Gems and Hoots one last time this summer.

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