Forty-one athletes from Gem City Gymnastics & Tumbling in Quincy will be attending the United States Tumbling Association's (USTA) Illinois State Championships in April. The event will take place on Sunday, April 22, in Pana, Illinois. All 41 athletes each attended 2 to 6 invitational meets this season beginning in November of last year. They attended two hour practices 1 to 3 times per week.

This event is the qualifying meet for USTA Nationals, which will be on June 12 through June 16 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The athletes are coached by Zeke Cernea, Lydia Schrand, Laci Heller, and Anne Nash.

Listed below are the names, ages and hometowns of all 41 athletes competing in April.

Ashlyn Akerson, 12, Palmyra

Ruby Akerson, 10, Palmyra

Carter Arnold, 8, Canton

John Bohnenblust, 16, Quincy

Haileigh Carlstrom, 8, Quincy

Maddy Cookson, 13, Golden

Ava Crist, 11, Quincy

Ashie Delaine, 12, Quincy

Ayanna Douglas, 10, Quincy

Kaitlyn Drew, 12, Quincy

Ava Gammons, 8, Quincy

Madalyn Gibbs, 11, Plainville

Randle Guymon, 16, Keokuk

Ellie Hammock, 13, Quincy

Bella Hanlin, 13, Quincy

Bailey Heller, 8, Liberty

Klhoee Hinton, 14, Hannibal

Laken Hudnut, 10, Williamstown

Ashley Leonard, 16, Quincy

Jazmyn Lewis, 11, Quincy

MaryKate McReynolds, 10, Canton

Rylee Mellon, 12, Quincy

Amarra Nelson, 11, Clarence

Kenidee Oshner, 8, Quincy

Kilyn Oxley, 9, Mt. Sterling

Kylie Rickey, 11, Hannibal

Maggie Schutte, 18, Quincy

Sydney Sherman, 13, Quincy

Maurice Silas, 17, Quincy

Tallin Sims, 12, Hannibal

Olivia Slater, 7, Canton

Sophia Slater, 9, Canton

Eric Smith, 10, Pittsfield

Alysea Sperber, 14, Hamilton

Isabella Stupavsky, 12, Quincy

Kylie Stupavsky, 16, Quincy

Audrey Summers, 14, Palmyra

Chayse Uhlmeyer, 9, Canton

Natalie Vonderheide, 15, Fowler

Claire Westerman, 12, Quincy

Shelby Westhaus, 13, Quincy

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