If you were going to visit Hannibal for the first time, what would you want to know? McKenzie Disselhorst with the Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce shared some of the common (and a few of the not-so-common) questions her office has received from visitors to America's Hometown.

Welcome to Hannibal
Kurt Parsons

"We get a lot of questions about businesses of days past," said Disselhorst. "For example, people will call because they have a piece of equipment that they believe was made in Hannibal, or an old photograph they found with a Hannibal photographer’s stamp on it. . . they want to know if they’re still in business, how to contact them, when they closed, etc."

The HACC is also also asked about current businesses that for some reason are hard to get information on. "I need the number for (some business/organization/government agency), followed by 'what page is that on in the phone book?'"

The Chamber is frequently asked about hotels, restaurants, times and admission prices for the Cave, Trolley, Riverboat and Boyhood Home & Museum. Some of the most frequently asked questions the HACC receives are: "Is anything open during the winter?" "Are the stores open on Sundays?" and "What restaurants have outdoor seating areas?"

Disselhorst says the Chamber also sometimes receives questions that are somewhat unexpected, "Is there a place in Hannibal we can leave our vehicle for (x) amount of time?" for example. "Hannibal is a central location to meet when carpooling, apparently."

"Where can I meet (the person I’ve been talking to online but have not yet met in person) that is a safe/public place, but also has a nice atmosphere?" is another question Disselhorst says her office sometimes encounters. "Oh, how we’d like to go spy and see these people meet for the first time!"

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