The Quincy Public School District just announced that they will be providing free meals for students this summer.

No matter the income, children ages 1 to 18 will be able to receive free meals this summer from the Quincy Public School. Meals will be available starting June 8 and run all summer until August 6, and can be picked up between 11 am and 1 pm. There will be a few pick-up locations to choose from:

  1. Quincy Christian School - 1236 N. 10th Street
  2. Blessed Sacrament School - 1115 S. 7th Street
  3. Quincy Senior HS (West side of the building) - 3322 Maine Street

There is no need to sign up for this program, all you have to do is show up and pick up the meals you need for your kiddos. These are gran & go meals to ensure that kids are getting feed throughout the summer, and having the nutrients that they need to stay active.

With so many worries parents have these days, having this program is one less stress for parents knowing that their children are getting the food they need to stay active and healthy. I know it was something I didn't worry about this year with having free food available for every student this school year, for this momma who stresses about everything it really was nice knowing my kiddos were taking care of for breakfast and lunch. To stay up to date with this program, follow Quincy Public School Food Service on Facebook.

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