Hearing loss is not just your grandpa's problem.  It can be yours too if you crank up the music too loud, especially when you're streaming the scream directly into your ears with earbuds and headphones.More than one billion people are at risk for hearing loss due to unsafe personal use of portable music devices.  “Everyday loud activities, such as operating lawn or farm equipment, concerts, hair dryers or alarm clocks can contribute to hearing loss.”  says Audiologist Linda Carleton with Hannibal Regional Medical Group.  Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent but is usually preventable.  To protect your hearing, wear ear protection when sounds are louder than 85 decibels, turn down the volume, and walk away from loud noises.

Over 48 million Americans are affected by some degree of hearing loss, making it the third most common chronic health condition in the United States.  In an effort to make people  aware of their hearing health, HRMG  https://medicalgroup.hannibalregional.org/   is offering  free hearing screenings.

“Hearing loss can be caused by exposure to loud noises; ear infections, trauma, or ear disease; harm to the inner ear and ear drum; illness or certain medications; and deterioration due to normal aging process,” Carleton explained.

You might have a problem with your hearing if you have trouble hearing conversations in a noisy environment such as a restaurant, are unable to hear people talk to you without looking at them, or have a constant ringing or pain in your ears. The first step in treating a hearing problem is to get a hearing screening by an audiologist.  Although most hearing loss is permanent, an audiologist can determine the best treatment, which may include hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and hearing rehabilitation.

To schedule your free hearing screening contact Linda Carleton’s office call 573-629-3500.

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