The State of Iowa is famous for, among other things, presidential caucuses, agriculture, the Hawkeyes and the Cyclones, Captain James T. Kirk, and Herbert Hoover. Movies doesn't usually come to mind, but there have actually been a number of well known films shot in the Hawkeye State.

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Field of Dreams

'Field of Dreams' received three Academy Award nominations, including a Best Picture nomination. The primary filming location was in Dubuque County, Iowa. Locations in Illinois and Minnesota were also used for the movie, and a few shots were filmed in Boston at Fenway Park. An interesting piece of local trivia: Hannibal Cavemen manager Jay Hemond was an extra in the film.


Not only was 'Twister' an enormous box office hit, but it also holds a place in the history books as the first movie to be released on DVD. Filming took place in several locations, including Iowa Cities like Ames, Boone, and Eldora.


Cedar Rapids, Iowa was one of the filming locations for John Carpenter's 1984 film 'Starman.' Jeff Bridges starred in the movie. His performance earned him a Best Actor nomination at the Academy Awards. The movie also led to a television series of the same name.

Children of the Corn

'Children of the Corn' was a short story by horror master Stephen King before it was a horror movie starring Linda Hamilton. The story takes place in Nebraska, but the movie was filmed mostly in Iowa. Hornick, Salix, Sioux City and Whiting were some of the filming locations. In 2009, 'Children of the Corn' was remade for television. That adaptation was also filmed in Iowa.

The Crazies

The 2010 horror film 'The Crazies' was shot in Georgia, and in Lennox, Iowa. The story takes place in a fictional town called Ogden Marsh, Iowa. The original 1973 version from director George A. Romero was shot in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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