I've watched the movie "Twister" probably a million times, but just learned something new today about this classic movie. Did you know that the hail in one of the most famous scenes in the movie actually came from Burlington, Iowa.

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Since my wife is a meteorologist, we're practically required to watch "Twister" at least once per month if not more. The movie starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton will always be considered one of the best weather movies ever. JoBlo.com shared this interesting tidbit from "Twister" that I had never heard before. The hail in the movie came from Burlington, Iowa.

This is the scene from "Twister" he's talking about.

Oh, by the way there's a sequel to "Twister" coming that appears to be called "Twisters" and the word is that Helen Hunt may return. The synopsis so far that's been shared seems to focus on Helen Hunt's daughter who now has a passion for chasing storms. Hollywood Life says it will be directed by Joseph Kosinski who directed Top Gun: Maverick. Sweet.

There you go. Next time you and family/friends watch "Twister", you can say "look at all that Burlington, Iowa hail" and be correct. Tornado movie trivia for the win.

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