The snow is falling fast in the Tri-States and as much as we all hate the snow, snow days can be the best days if you do these 5 essential things to make them fun!

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According to our latest sources, we could be getting up to 9 inches of snow over the next couple of hours across the Tri-States, and with the majority of the schools closed today it is officially a snow day. Now yes snow days can be annoying for us adults it means shoveling, salting, scraping, and constantly putting layers on and off, but they also can be really awesome if you do these 5 essential things...

1. Build a Snowman - Anna and Elsa had it right, building a snowman is the thing to do when it snows outside, my advice is to go big or go home.

2. Sledding - Sledding is one of those incredibly fun things that you hate getting ready for, but once you layer up and you start flying down the hill you can't help but laugh and smile.

3. Make a Giant Meal - Open up the cabinets and the fridge and create something epic, don't make some poor teenager who delivers pizzas for minimum wage trek out into the storm to bring you an overpriced lukewarm pizza. Snow days are the perfect days for making anything and everything you have that is just sitting there in your kitchen.

4. Movie Marathons - After spending wayyy too much time in the freezing cold, take that epic meal and watch a movie marathon, Marvel movies, Harry Potter, Toy Story, Star Wars, James Bond, or Lord of the RIngs so many great movie marathons out there.

5. Shovel Your Sidewalk - this is essential, don't be that guy with the frozen icy sidewalk for the next two weeks because you didn't shovel it's rude. If you need help shoveling the sidewalk reach out to somebody or if you are able-bodied get out there and do some acts of kindness by shoveling some sidewalks.

How are you planning to spend this snow day?

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