You can expect tears to flow and hugs galore this week. It happens every year in August. The first ever day of school for your youngster will fill the eyes of moms and dads with tears like no other cry. Watching little Johnny or Janie get on the bus or walk into school are moments a parent will never forget.

It’s one of those moments in time you document. Like graduation, first dates, driving a car solo and so forth. Every parent will remember what clothes their child wore to school that day (mine had a pink jacket and a bow in her hair). Then once your child is out of sight, the parents look at each other with wet eyes and hug, comforting each other with words like, “she’ll be just fine.” Then the rest of the day you will repeatedly look at the clock on the wall waiting for the first day to be over so you can find out how it went. “Did Johnny or Janie really miss me?” will be the thought of the day.

All that worry will go away when the school door opens or the school bus stops and Johnny or Janie comes running towards you with a big smile on his or her face. You see, all of their fears of parental abandonment went away as well knowing you were standing there waiting for them.

It's a cycle of life all parents will go through. And guess what? The first day of “off to college” is round two of the waterworks. It’s not any easier then either. How many of you parents remember that very first day for your child? I bet every one of you remember that day.

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