It looks like we are getting a few more days of Family Video being open before it closes.

Earlier it the week it was announced the Family Video would be closing their doors on February 17, but that has now been extended. Now the new closing date for Family Video is Monday, February 22. The video store will be open from 12 pm - 8 pm everyday, including on Monday.

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Still on sale are movies and TV series, for just $1 each, if you were wanting video games, too late they are all gone. There is still a wide variety of movie and TV series for you to choose from. They all have cell phone accessories, buy one get one free.

I did drive by there the other day, and there is a big dumpster bin in the parking lot, I am sure that whatever doesn't sell will be put in that bin. All 700 plus Family Video stores will be closing for good. However, there is one lonely video store still left. A Blockbuster(yup there is just one open) which is located in Seattle, Washington. Not only does it have videos for rent, but it has recently turned into a AirBnB.

It was announced back in early January that all the last standing video stores will be closing in 2021. It marked a sad day for all of us who (before streaming and videos on demand) rented videos and games. With many people moving towards streaming services and other ways to consume media (especially last year during the stay-at-home-order) the last standing video store just couldn't bounce back from taking that hard of a hit.

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